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 Cattail Welcome!

am the owner and creative force behind Brown Chair Studio. From a young age, I've been enamored with drawing, doodling, and coloring. My love for these artistic endeavors persists; I still cherish my collection of traditional coloring books, the kind meant for crayons and not made exclusively for adults, although I do have those as well!


My artistic journey began before kindergarten, where my parents were informed that I spent too much time at the easel, painting. So, I played with the big blocks for one day and went back to painting the next.  Throughout my academic years I never passed up an opportunity for an art class, culminating in a degree in Visual Arts with a focus on Graphic Design.

This foundation laid the groundwork for a career in website design, beginning with a position at a company in Annapolis, Maryland and later, as a freelancer working from home after starting a family. I embarked on various creative ventures, custom designing large-scale cards and gift certificates upon request, curated themed gift baskets for personal and fundraising purposes, and delved into color pencil drawings, often featuring interconnected circles.  I've also showcased my creations at craft fairs, specializing in crafting tree ornaments.

The onset of the pandemic prompted a reevaluation of my creative pursuits. During this time, I enrolled in refresher courses and stumbled upon Spoonflower, a print-on-demand platform. Through Spoonflower, I found a passion for applying my designs to fabric, leading to the creation of custom-printed items such as pillows and tea towels.

Despite my longstanding love of design and color it wasn't until my discovery of Spoonflower that I realized the potential to merge my drawings with fabric. This revelation has rekindled my enthusiasm, propelling me to explore designing not only for fabric but also for art prints, stickers, and various other items we use every day.  

If you're interested in collaborating or licensing my designs, please don't hesitate to reach out.  I’m looking forward to where this creative journey may lead.

Lady bugThank you for taking the time to visit Brown Chair Studio!