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I am the owner of and designer for Brown Chair Studio.  I have always loved drawing, doodling and coloring.  I still own many coloring books: old-school-use-crayons-not-designed-specifically-for-adults coloring books.  (Though I have those as well!)

When I was in kindergarten my parents were told I spent too much time at the easel painting, and I needed to try some other things.  I did.  I played with the big blocks - one day, with the other kids, and then I went back to painting.

Not a school year passed without an art class until I obtained a degree in Visual Arts (with an emphasis in Graphic Design.) This led me to eventually designing websites for a company based in Annapolis and then from home after I had children.

Over the years I have taken on projects custom designing large scale cards and gift certificates.  I have put together many baskets for gifts and volunteer groups.  I created many color pencil drawings - most involving interconnected circles.  I've even participated in craft fairs selling various items, but mostly tree ornaments.

The pandemic caused everyone to make changes in what they were doing.  I took that time to take some refresher courses and discovered Spoonflower:  a print on demand site where I submit designs and have not only fabric and wallpaper printed, but also items such as pillows and tea towels made from the printed fabric.

I have a broad definition of art.  I do not consider “art” to just be paintings hanging in a museum. To me art can include among museum pieces, photography, furniture, clothing, cars, comic books, jewelry, electronics, and so on. To me art is anything I find beautiful.   Notice the mention of furniture and clothing.  Both require fabric, yet it had not occurred to me to apply my drawings to fabric prior to my discovering Spoonflower.  But I love it!  And am looking forward to where this journey might take me.

Please contact me if you would like to collaborate or license my designs.  Even if you don’t see what you are looking for here, chances are I can help you!

Thanks for stopping by!