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This BBQ Tool Rack was made from salvaged mahogany.
This piece of wood was cut and engraved on the flip side as a sample piece for a Cub Scout Arrow of Light Plaque.  After discussions about the final design this piece was due to be scrapped.  I asked to keep it and it eventually became this Tool Rack.
I hand painted the word "Grillin'," and added some subtle flames to the bottom piece of the wood.  Then I added a random collection of drawer knobs and hangers I had around the house, left from previous projects, at different heights.  (Including a wooden knob on which I also painted flames.) The result is a rack to hang seven grilling tools - although it is sturdy enough - nailed into studs inside our pantry - to hold the weight of more.  It even has a fish basket hanging from it.
This piece has been extremely useful as we tend to grill weekly as long as we can get to the grill in whatever weather Maryland throws at us.  And, as anyone who grills knows, the handles on these tools are quite long and are not easy to fit inside the average kitchen drawer.
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BBQ Tool Rack