Household Chore Reminder Tags

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How often do you do the same chores, but have to write a reminder note to do them?  With our busy lives I find we are not on a schedule - for anything!  Therefore we are constantly leaving each other notes.  Some are reminders to make tea because we are running out.  Or, to ask someone to mop because I've only had time to sweep.

Therefore, I printed up some notes for us and laminated them.  I keep them in a box in the kitchen and leave them out on our island (where we would usually leave notes to each other) and put them away when we are done so that we may USE THEM AGAIN.  

This saves a lot of time (writing notes) and resources (less paper.)

Now you can download them and print them from home.  

Just add to your cart, download and print from home.  Letter-sized, white cardstock, recommended.  I also highly recommend laminating them as this will make them last longer.

(Download may take several minutes.)

Keep in mind that colors vary per monitor, and per printer.


If you don't have access to a laminator, or just don't have the time to print and laminate, please contact me and for an additional $2.50 I will print, cut and laminate them for you.  If you are local to the Arnold, MD area us LOCAL_PICKUP to remove shipping fee and email me to schedule a time to pick them up!

Also, if you have a request for a different set of chores (say you have a cat, or fish, or carpet to vacuum,) please email me at to put in a request.


(You may print an unlimited amount for your own use.  Although watermark will be removed from the downloadable PDF you receive, this artwork remains the property of Brown Chair Studio, LLC and may not be shared or re-sold.)

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