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Fish Bowl Tags

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Downloadable gift tags.  You choose from the colors and styles available, download and print from home.  

These fish bowl tags are perfect for your swim team and coach, students taking swim lessons, pool treat, or watching "Finding Nemo," or "Finding Dory," at home.

You will get two fish bowls per page.  Currently available in blues and yellow.  (Email me if you are interested in this design in other colors.)  Add them to fish crackers, or gummy fish.

I took them to a kids movie viewing and filled them with gummy fish.  

I filled snack sized bags with an ounce of fish, sealed the bag, folded it in half and then folded the top down and stapled the bag to the inside of the tag so that the fish showed through the bowl.  

Just add to your cart, download and print from home.  Letter-sized, white card stock  recommended.  (Download may take several minutes.)  (To cut tags: cut 5.5 across (Half) Then you can trim the 1/2 " border.  Use a circle cutter, or swivel Xacto Knife to cut around the light red circle to create an opening in the fish bowl.  You may want to go through both layers after you've folded each in half so that you can see the fish through both sides of the bowl.  If this is proving too difficult due to the weight of your paper, cut opening into one side only BEFORE folding in half.)

Cut Fish Bowl Opening My young assistant struggled with cutting the opening!  But, you get the idea.

Gummy Fish  Add fish to bag, fold in half, and fold top down.


Two sided fish bowl  Fish bowl with opening on both sides!

 Fish Bowl with opening on one side.  Fish bowl with opening on one side. One with square corners, one with rounded corners.


Keep in mind that colors vary per monitor, and per printer.2 Up Fish Bowls

 (You may print an unlimited amount for your own use.  Although watermark will be removed from the downloadable PDF you receive, this artwork remains the property of Brown Chair Studio, LLC and may not be shared or re-sold.).  The smaller watermark will remain on the BACK of the bowl.)