Acorn Charms

  • $ 500

These acorn charms feature a real acorn top (picked locally from fallen acorns that already lost their nut) and a glass nut.  Acorn charms are on cotton thread, adjustable thread with beads or buttons to cap off the end of the threads. 

Due to the hand crafted nature of this item each varies slightly in size, shape and color.

Maximum length of each is approximate and indicated by thread color, not the acorn color.  Also, length does not include the length of the charm.


Orange:  Approximately 22" long

Light Green:  Approximately 25"

Navy, Dark Green and Pink:  Each Approximately 26" each.


From left to right:  Pink, Orange, Navy, Dark Green, Light Green

*Acorns on Dark Green and Navy Blue cords are clear with color swirls, not brown.  (The brown is simply the wood shining through the glass.)

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