Custom Gift Baskets

Sample Gift Baskets and Themed Gifts

Themed gift "baskets" make great gifts year round. There are always holidays, babies being born, housewarmings and many birthdays to celebrate.

I put baskets in quotes because you don't need an actual basket as a gift container, or wrap. You don't even necessarily need a bag. In the samples below I've used bins that double as drawers, wooden crates, cupcake and popcorn containers . . . and yes, baskets and bags!

Below are samples of baskets I've put together in the past. I've been putting together themed baskets for years - at least 20. I started very young. ;-) I love putting them together because gifts should be something you will use, but not always what you need! They should be fun, and I like finding things for people that they wouldn't necessarily find, or buy for themselves!

I have many ideas for themed baskets. If you have an idea, or need an idea (I have over 50 and am adding them all the time) please contact me. We can discuss whether you want to purchase the items and have me put together the basket, or if you'd like me to purchase everything in addition to putting together the basket.

Update 11.11.16  #AroundtheHouse

2016 Easter Baskets

Yes, my kids still receive Easter Baskets from the bunny!  I try to put in there things I know they like and want, but, also try to avoid lots of candy.  (We would still have chocolate bunnies at Halloween!)  At this time they were really into Lego Dimentions and I got great deals.  I also threw in pillows for the rec. room to go with the gaming pillows they already had.  C received a dinosaur oven mitt, because he likes dinos and cooking!  Clearly it turned on him quickly!

These ideas work well for Christmas gift baskets and stocking stuffers as well.  Email me if you are looking for a gift basket for this Christmas!

Instead of an egg hunt we did a Lego Minifigure hunt indoors. Easter was early this year and you never know what Maryland weather will be like.  I found these cool "cartoon bubbles" so that the figures could "speak!"  We set the first one out - "Find my friends & clean up!" and they hunted for them.

The others, wrestler and skunk wrangler were Mystery Minifigures.  And, yes -that is a ballerina Wm is holding up!


Coffee and Cake


Baby Shower

Beached Themed Retirement Gift


Favors & Small Gifts

These glasses were put together as gifts for my son's friends for their Fifth Grade Promotion. I purchased the glasses and paper straws and created a tag to slip over the straws. The glasses were filled with yellow tissue paper to look like lemonade! Voila!  Small gifts that don't break the bank! I displayed them in a cold drinks bucket.  These could easily be turned into party favors.  Contact me for ideas for your next party!