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I've decided to start a series on the projects I've been working on #ArountheHouse this year.

I certainly am keeping busy with decorating the house (think new furniture, window coverings, etc. - never mind keeping up on holiday decorations,) driving the kids to and from school and activities, volunteering for the schools and running my own business.  Not to mention attending to those I know who need help here and there.  Oh - and, trying to have a life for myself.

I find that others come first - and might always - and that's ok.  While I'm still learning to say no and put myself at the top of the list (sometimes) I feel as though my most important job is raising my kids so that they become productive members of society (aka.  Not terrorizing the village!)

That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the projects I've done for us!  I love them.  And, I'm happy to work on those projects for you as well.  Just ask.

My first post is about the Easter baskets I put together this year.  While that seems to be WAY late for this year, or TOO early for next year, you can give baskets year round. And, this is the perfect time to get one started for the holidays!

Check out: to see just a few of the baskets I've put together!