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Monograms/Typography Art is Here!

During our prep to move (only 3 miles away!  ;-) ) I've been working on some fun graphic design.  Monograms are available for sale - as is a fun "Annapolis" piece of art for fans of the city and locals!  

The letter "A" in purple was made in honor of my mom.  She was recently diagnosed with CJD and passed away.  I chose purple as this was her favorite color.  Oddly enough the color purple is also in the CJD logo.

CJD is a very rare, neurological disease, related to Mad Cow Disease, but NOT caused by eating raw beef.  There are less than 300 cases per year in the US.  A portion of the sale of this piece will go to the Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease Foundation to help with research. (

Postcard size versions of this item will be available soon.  Please check back.  Thank you for your support.